Let me tell you a secret: good copy isn’t enough, you need it to be GREAT.

Your customers need to feel seen and heard, like you’re in the room, having a cup of tea and a chat with them, except the chat is about a product or service you’re selling, and you’ve actually never met, it just feels like they know you.

This is the kind of writing that sells.

Nowadays, people don’t like to buy blind. They want to trust a brand, and the right way to do this is to show them some personality! Let your customers see that you, too, are a real-life person, and one that they can really trust, not some corporate robot who just wants a slice of their hard-earned cash.

Over my years as a freelance copywriter, I’ve mastered the art of taking tired copy and bringing it to life, as well as crafting content that uncannily just gets your target customer. I’d love to do the same for you.

I’ve written thousands of blog posts, articles and webpages for everyone from small businesses to big household names. Click the brands below to see examples of my past work.

Email info[at]elliepierpoint[dot]com to enquire about a collaboration – I’d love to help your business thrive!


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