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Jana Reinhardt Jewellery

Jana Reinhardt is an award-winning contemporary jewellery designer. I helped to rebrand the website back in 2013, rewriting all the product descriptions and a couple of blog posts to get the ball rolling on their blog.

Jana Reinhardt Jewellery - Copy

Wings Collection intro copy
Double Wings Necklace
Tiny Wing Ring
Wing Bangle
Wing Earrings
Wing Hook Earrings

Little Sparrow Collection intro copy
Sparrow Charm Necklace
Sparrow Ear Studs
Sparrow Heart Necklace
Sparrow Hoop Earrings
Bird on a Branch Necklace
Little Sparrow Ring
Tiny Sparrow Bracelet
Tiny Sparrow Studs
Tiny Sparrow Hook Earrings
Tiny Sparrow Ring

Hummingbird Collection intro copy
Hummingbird Ear Studs
Hummingbird Earrings
Hummingbird Necklace
Hummingbird Tassle Earrings
Hummingbird Bracelet
Tiny Hummingbird Necklace
Tiny Hummingbird Ring
Twin Hummingbird Necklace
Twin Hummingbird Ring

Bloom Collection intro copy
Flower Bangle
Flower Bib Necklace
Tiny Flower Bracelet
Flower Creole Hoop Earrings
Flower Eternity Ring
Flower Drop Earrings
Flower Necklace
Flower Pendant Necklace
Flower Ring
Halo Flower Ear Studs
Halo Flower Ring

Sweet Dreams Collection intro copy
Duck Hook Earrings
Duck Pendant Necklace
Duck Ring
Flying Ducks Necklace
Fox Ear Studs
Fox Necklace
Fox Ring
Goose Pendant Necklace
Hare Bangle
Hare Earrings
Leaping Hare Necklace
Hare Pendant Necklace
Fox Necklace
Hedgehog Necklace
Owl Earrings
Owl Necklace
Sleepy Dormouse Necklace
Tiny Owl Ring

Butterflies Collection intro copy
Butterfly Charm Bracelet
Butterfly Charm Necklace
Butterfly Drop Earrings
Butterfly Ear Studs
Butterfly Hoop Earrings
Butterfly Eternity Ring
Butterfly Hoop Earrings
Butterfly Ring

Flock Collection intro copy
Bird Charm Bracelet
Bird Creole Hoop Earrings
Bird Ear Studs
Tiny Bird Necklace
Flock of Tiny Bird Studs
Birds Eternity Ring
Locket Necklace
Tiny Bird Necklace
Tiny Bird Necklace

Jana Reinhardt Jewellery - Blog Posts
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