About Me

Hi there, I’m Ellie Pierpoint aka The Copywriting Mage. Thanks for stopping by.

I’m a full time freelance writer with a penchant for the unpredictable – as in, I make my writing stand out, turn heads and change minds. I can’t stand to see drab tired copy. You can do better. We can do better.

Nowadays, if you want to really sell something, you need to engage your readers and let them know that you can be trusted. I do this by writing in the “friendly expert” tone that readers really dig.


How did I get here?

I have written extensively for the travel industry, for lawyers and logistics firms, technical start-ups, marketing agencies and fashion designers, from tiny businesses to household names.

Spending several years crafting b2c copy, press releases, newsletters and blog posts, I have become a chameleon of writing styles and I love what I do. My clients come back to me time and time again because they know that I have the mysterious powers of transforming a boring bullet point list of USPs into a blog post or webpage that catches a reader’s attention and even makes them chuckle. People like to laugh – this in itself is pure magic.

black circleWhy ‘Copywriting Mage’?

Writing is an art, and when someone is reading, you want them to flow past each word with grace and ease. You want them to finish reading and be completely taken in by your brand, under its spell, if you will, and ready for more more more.

This style of writing is magical in a way. It transforms your target audience from reader into customer, conjures conversions out of thin air, and gives your brand that extra zing that others just don’t have.


> If you’re really into the magic biz side btw, check out my online magazine, Dismystic, which I built from scratch all by my lil ol’ self (I’m a multi-skilled mage huh). The site now has thousands of followers across social media and email, so if you’re up for a trip down the rabbit hole of metaphysics > dive on in.

Why do I mention this here? Well, it’s one thing to write about a solid product, you can see it, touch it, describe it. But the metaphysical is mysterious and subjective, abstract. You need to work much harder to portray the psyche or the soul, than you do a pair of earrings. So, just to prove a point, I’m showing you that I can write on just about any topic, and do it damn well. Try me.



That’s all folks!

What magic can we weave for your own business? Drop me a message and let’s find out – your customers are just waiting for you to enchant them with your fresh new copy…

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